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TY Ireland Law Modules provides an enriching learning environment that aspires to help students gain legal prospectus with a view to studying law into their future.

This Course Includes:

  • 38 lessons
  • 4 quizzes
  • 7 weeks access to the online portal
  • Certificate of Completion


  • €107 (individual students)
  • €250 (schools, max 15 students per group)

This course is certified and is split into two parts:

TY Student Skills Bundle 1
Overview of the Irish Legal System over a Four Week Course

TY Student Skills Bundle 2
Instructors Pick – Tutors and Students most enjoyed Topics

How it works?

Our online TYL courses are student led, ensuring they learn at their own pace. Each student will have their own login to our eLearning Portal. They can login on any device in school or at home. They will be taught through bite-sized easy to follow videos and examples.

The Aim of the Online Law Module

  1. To provide students with a core understanding of the rules and principles that underpin the Irish legal system;
  2. To appreciate the hierarchy of legal sources and to identify forms and types of legal rules;
  3. To outline how the system of law developed and is developing;
  1. To understand the hierarchy of courts;
  2. To appreciate how to interpret statutes and the extent to which courts are bound by their own previous decisions.
  3. The role of law in , and with, society, and
  4. The role played by legislators, solicitors, barristers, members of An Garda Siochana and judges in the Irish legal system.

On completion students will understand:

  • Both what ‘law’ is and the difference between a common law and a civil law system.
  • The historical development of the Irish legal system and in particular the influence of the Constitution of 1937.
  • Introduction to the concept of legal reasoning.
  • The doctrine of precedent and the structure and jurisdiction of the various courts in the Irish court system.
  • The knowledge of the sources of law, in particular, the Irish Constitution of 1937.

Terms and Conditions for Access:
By continuing with this eLearning you agree to the following terms and conditions. The content of this module is the intellectual property of LMI and may not be used or replicated in any form either in digital or print without prior written consent.

Course Content

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Week 1: Introduction & Overview of Legal System
Week 2: Role of Judiciary/Barrister/ Solicitor/ Garda-Studying-Training-Dress
Week 3: Court Structure- Whos’s who in the Court Room. Mock Trial.
Week 4: Morality –Plank of Carnandes-Subjects of Law-Taster
Bundle 2: Instructors Pick – Tutors and Students Most Enjoyed Topics