Study with TYL

Transition Year Law Modules are conducted as one day Law Modules to Transition Year Students. These visiting law modules are conducted in schools, by members of our panel of legal professions; Barristers, Solicitors and Members of An Garda Síochána.

Online individual and online group courses are available also.

The units of law analysed consider various aspects of the legal system including the sources of law, the Irish court system and the principles of stare decisis (rules of precedent) within the common law. It also seeks to provide students with a unique insight into law, advising students of the route to becoming qualified and giving students an inside look into a day in the life of a legal practitioner, Barrister/Solicitor/Garda. Real life scenarios, case studies and quizzes help to accelerate the learning. The scenario based learning and Mock Trial conducted by the students aim to enhance decision making , reasoning and problem solving skills. To quote Dale Carnegie, the American writer, lecturer, and developer of courses in corporate training and interpersonal skills. “People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing”. Most importantly the students have fun throughout the interactive Law Day.

The Law days are presented to students through Ireland. TYL commenced in 2019 with Munster School Law Modules and has expanded to all 4 provinces.

Compete for the Treaty Cup in our Annual Mock Trial Schools Competition

Our annual Mock Trial Competition is held at Limerick Court House, with the support of the Court Services and Judiciary. A perpetual ‘Treaty Mock Trial Cup’ rotates annually to the winners of the competition.

Mock Trial Art Competition

As part of the annual mock trial we also hold an Art Competition for best courtroom sketch artist. The competition is presided over by Frank Bouchier, the talented and well known Limerick Artist of Hatters Art Studio.